We'd love to meet you

We are excited that you are interested in knowing more about, Y'Shua (Jesus) the Messiah of Israel, and this local community of believers. We welcome interfaith couples and their familes, whether Jewish or Gentile. Check out our site, ministries, or watch a sermon. We look forward to meeting you on Shabbat.


Our Shabbat worship service is designed to honor the Most High G-d throughout the Liturgical Torah service, vibrant Messianic praise & worship music. The service includes traditional Hebrew liturgy (with transliteration (English) on Power Point slides for those who do not know Hebrew, and public reading from the Scriptures (Torah, Haftara, and B’rit Chadeshah). It concludes with a drash (sermon), typically focusing on life application and lessons to take home and integrate into your daily life in practical, life-changing ways.

After services, we invite everyone to enjoy an Oneg Shabbat meal (joy of Sabbath in Hebrew) together. This is where we can fellowship together.


Out of respect for Shabbat, and according to Scripture, we request everyone dress modestly. No mini-skirts, tank tops, shorts, or flip flops.

Some men wear a kippah or yarmulke (head cover) and some may wear a tallit (prayer shawl) with tzizit (fringes), as a reminder described in Numbers 15:37-41 to observe G-d's mitzvoth (commandments). Tzizit and Tallit worn by men should be in keeping with acceptable Jewish customs. The tradition is that women are exempt from wearing a tallit or tzizit. No one is forced to wear a tallit or a kippah; however, we do have some in the lobby that visiting men can wear during the service, if they choose.

Children's Programs

Our congregation is family friendly and welcomes children of all ages, encouraging them to participate in various parts of the service. We offer a Shabbat School program for children and nursery care for infants and toddlers.

Preschool: Ages 2-5 years; 10:15am - 12:30pm

Jr. Shabbat: Ages 6-9 years; 11:45am - 12:30pm

Cry room is for nursing mothers, sleeping infants from birth to age two.

Service Times & Directions

Join us for Shabbat Services! Our services are held every Saturday @ 10:30 am.

For directions to Eitz Chaim, click on the following link.

1651 E Campbell Rd
Richardson, Texas 75082
meeting at Central Christian Church

Phone: 972.231.3884

Shabbat (Sat): Shabbat Service 10:30 am
  Oneg (Meal) 01:00 pm
Wednesday: Prayer for Israel 06:30 pm
  Prayer for E.C. 07:30 pm
"The moment we visited EC, our children loved the congregation and made friends instantly. EC feels like home. I feel the Holy Spirit during the worship service. The Lord has provided healing to my heart through words spoken during worship. My daughter says, "I love going to EC because ppl are nice and the kids are really nice.""
"EC to me means being a part of the Messianic body at large, and thereby being adopted into Israel and grafted into those beautiful people! It is recognizing the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and cleaving not just to Yeshua as my Messiah, but seeking to share Him with unbelievers - the Jew first and then to the gentile."
"Eitz Chaim is different than any other congregation, Christian or Messianic. Because of real genuine TORAH truth. And others seeking to constantly know what it takes to be in relationship with YHVH and be like Yeshua. Then genuine relationships form as close as family, striving toward Acts 2:42-47."
"Rabbi Schiller has truly guided me to the Lord. Welcoming me with open arms, Eitz Chaim has become my spiritual home." - Brian